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Shine Delirious

Bringing the epic, widescreen splendor of classic Yes music to the stage is no easy feat. From the contrapuntal singing, to the ripping guitar riffs, to the deconstructionist and forward-thinking rhythms and more, there is a lot to tackle. San Francisco’s Shine Delirious — named for the brilliant bassist Chris Squire and his ‘schindleria’ pseudonym – embraces this challenge with passion, love, and a sense of humor. Originally, these California musicians met to cover the Fragile album in sequence for a music-education fundraiser. They found that they enjoyed the process (and each other’s company) so much that they turned it into a full band. Since that beginning, they have added songs from The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, Time And A Word and other classics, greatly expanding their sonic palette. The added dimension of having a female lead singer gives a new twist to these songs as well. Shine Delirious delivers an evening of deeply textured, moving, powerful music. Like Yes itself, any Shine Delirious performance is full of wonder, complexity, invention, emotion, and sheer joy.


Gorden Mack (guitar)

First gained fame with the 90’s slow-core band Red House Painters, releasing 5 albums on 4AD Records and touring the globe. The music was featured in movie soundtracks for films such as Vanilla Sky, Excess Baggage and The Girl Next Door. He currently performs up and down the west coast in the ‘punkadelic’ trio Trez Maschine and various original and cover bands.

Gary Hobish (bass/vocals)

Gary’s parents gave him a guitar at age 8 (during the early ’60s folk boom), and his grandfather gave him a tape recorder at 10. When he heard “I  Want To Hold Your Hand” a few years later he looked down at his guitar and thought, “Oh! THAT’S what this thing is for!”

Having first seen Yes in 1971 (and a veteran of some 65 concerts since!), Gary counts as his main influences on bass Chris Squire, Paul McCartney, John Entwistle and Carol Kaye. A fixture in Bay Area music since 1978, Gary was  founding member of Berkeley avant-garage band The Jars (a collection LP, MAKE LOVE NOT WAR was released February 2022) and the ’90s punk/caberet/comedy band Pimpslap.  He has been a member of True Margrit since 1992 and was also a member of the prog-pop band Luminous Newts. He has been a professional mastering & recording engineer and producer since 1975 first with Bell Sound in NYC, later with Fantasy Studios and CD Presents and on his own for the past 40 years with A. Hammer Mastering and Digital Media.

Karla Downey

Karla Downey (lead vocals)

Being the youngest child, Karla grew up listening to an eclectic array of music, then landed heavy on Motown, R&B and Classic Rock. After singing and/or playing drums in several groups, she started her own band that played throughout California, as a headliner as well as opening shows for Tower Of Power, Eddie Money Unplugged, BTO, Jefferson Starship, and others. Over the years her experience spread out to include a Jazz Vocal Ensemble, 10- and 11-piece show bands, and musical theater.

In recent years she has played drums for a Prince tribute and the all-female Queen tribute, The Killer Queens, also adding backing vocals. She is currently lead singer for Steely Dan tribute Slinky Thing, and has now joined Shine Delirious to sing the exciting music of YES!

Jace Grey (keys/vocals)

Jace has been playing the piano since 1970, and quietly woodshedding Yes since he first heard Close to the Edge in 1981. Jace was a featured solo performer at “Cruise to the Edge” in 2015. Jace’s Keyboards and vocals are Shine Delirious’ secret weapon, filling out the massive sounds of Yes.

John Giambalvo (drums/vocals)

John started a life of music almost from birth. Between the hymns sung at church, and his five older siblings all playing various instruments at home, it seemed inevitable that he would pick up something. After starting piano instruction at age 7, he could reach the pedals on his brothers drum kit at age 8, and that was that. It started with the Beatles, quickly jumping to Led Zeppelin, and settling in to a firm love of all things Prog Rock by age 12.

John cites his strongest influences as John Bonham, Neil Peart, Carl Palmer, and Barriemore Barlowe. John spent the 90’s playing with the Prog trio China Lake in San Diego before moving to Northern CA to pursue a career in nursing. After meeting Gary Hobish and playing several shows with True Margrit, the invitation to join Shine Delirious was made. John literally said “Yes” to playing Yes before the question was complete.

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